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    b. Two documents for verification, one of which must have a photograph. You can choose from: NZ Driver’s Licence, NZ Passport, or a Birth Certificate. If you choose the Birth Certificate, please also provide Proof of address, such as a utility bill.
    c. A copy of my Physical Restraint Module certificate (this is mandatory for all NZ registered teachers
    from 7th February 2024)

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    I am aware that Quick Help charges a $150 +gst registration fee, and that this is valid for 12 months from sign up

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    I, the undersigned, hereby agree to the following terms: Reference Contact & Statement: I authorize Quick Help Teaching Services to contact my referees directly for a statement of my ability in relation to this application. Status Notification: I commit to informing Quick Help Teaching Services of any changes to my registration status, including investigations status promptly. Police Checks Consent: I permit Quick Help Teaching Services to conduct regular Police Checks on me. Vulnerable Children’s Act Compliance: In accordance with the Vulnerable Children’s Act, I confirm my ongoing suitability and safety to work with children. Truthful Information: I attest that all information supplied with this application is true, full, and correct. Privacy Acknowledgment: I acknowledge and understand Quick Help Teaching Service’s Privacy Statement (attached as Schedule A) and consent to the disclosure of my personal information as outlined therein. Contractual Understanding and Compliance: a. I understand that “Relief Work” refers to my duties as a relief teacher onsite in schools where Quick Help Teaching Services has placed me and that it is an essential term of my contract that I am able to carry out the Relief Work onsite. b. I acknowledge that I am employed by the Ministry of Education and am not, and at no point, will be considered an employee of Quick Help Teaching Services. c. I am aware that my contract with Quick Help Teaching Services will be terminated immediately if, having been placed in any school by Quick Help Teaching Services, I then accept ANY additional work without first notifying Quick Help Teaching Services. d. I agree to treat any such acceptance as a further Quick Help Teaching Services placement and will notify Quick Help Teaching Services as soon as possible on the day of. e. I understand that Quick Help Teaching Services has no obligation to find me relief teaching every day that I am available, but they will do what they can. f. I understand it is my responsibility to contact Quick Help Teaching Services every Sunday to advise my availability for the coming week. g. I acknowledge that Quick Help Teaching Services’ membership fee is for one calendar year and is non-refundable once I have been placed in a school for Relief Work. h. I understand that if I become consistently unable to carry out onsite Relief Work, Quick Help Teaching Services reserves the right to unilaterally and immediately terminate this contract entirely at their discretion. i. In the case of accepting a Long-Term relieving position (3 weeks or more), I agree to pay Quick Help Teaching Services a one-off fee of $249.00+GST. By ticking the box below, I confirm my understanding and acceptance of all the terms and conditions laid out in this agreement. I Accept This version maintains the details of the agreement while providing a checkbox for acceptance, accommodating digital or online formats. Keep in mind that depending on the software or platform you are using, the appearance or layout may need to be adjusted accordingly.