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    U1-2 = $99.00U3-4 = $149.00U5-6 = $199.00U7+ = $249.00

    School Sign Up Info

    GENERAL INFORMATION – 2023/2024 FEE STRUCTURE (GST Exclusive) Membership Fee: (please note this is valid for one year from the date you join)

    U1-2 = $ 99.00 

    U3-4 = $149.00 

    U5-6 = $199.00 

    U7+ = $249.00 


    To register is so simple. 

    • Fill out the registration form online (this is preferred) or email us advising that you wish to register your school and that you agree and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the information attached and we will invoice accordingly 

    PLACEMENT COSTS (We invoice monthly) 

    $15.00 +GST per placement day 

    For same day placements lodged after 7.45am, a late fee of $10 +GST applies. 

    LONG TERM RELIEVING POSITIONS (three weeks or more) 

    If you wish to book one of our team for 3 weeks or more a one off $250.00 +GST long term placement fee will apply. This acts as a finders fee.

    – Please note you may contact them privately to offer them long term work or to ask them to put themselves forward for a position. They will then let us know as they have a contract with us stating they will inform us of any placements in a school that we originally send them to. 

    – As per the collective agreement any work that is 3 weeks or longer is to be paid at the relievers specific rate not as a short term relief rate (any long term position can be full weeks/terms work or it maybe 0.2 + over a period of the year) 

    – Please also be aware that this LTR fee is for the current school year (Term 1 – Term 4) and a new LTR fee will be charged for any consecutive years while your school is a Quick Help Member 

    VULNERABLE CHILDREN’S ACT (VCA approved) & Mandatory requirements

    Quick Help Teaching Services provides schools with peace of mind, knowing that all our teachers have undergone annual and robust safety checks to assess potential risk, following the Vulnerable Children’s Act guidelines. 

    This includes identity verification, interviews, background checks, and regular police vetting to minimise potential risks and possible prosecution of schools. 

    Our team are also up to date with any mandatory requirement set by the Ministry of Education and/or the Government (eg: physical restraint module)



    Of course you can have them! – but please note that our relievers have agreed not to accept work independently of Quick Help if we originally provided them with work at your school. 

    For any additional days you require, our relievers will be treated as additional placement days, whether arranged by you or by Quick Help Teaching Services. 

    If you ask for a certain reliever, of course we will approach them for you. We are here to get you the relievers you want. 

    Conversely, if you do not want a particular reliever, we really like to know this too. Your feedback is welcome, and we will work with you to arrange a preference list to ensure that you are getting exactly what you require for every situational need. 

    If a reliever is already on your school’s relieving list and has been used by you before, and Quick Help sends that same reliever to you (it is quite common for relievers to be on schools’ lists as well as being registered with us) we will charge the daily fee as you have approached us. You are, of course in future, free to call these previous relievers directly, and we don’t need to know about these placements. If it is their first time relieving for you (if you already have their name or not, they will be a Quick Help reliever from then on). We hope this makes sense. Please ask if you need clarification. What we will not accept is your school adding a Quick Help reliever to your relieving list after we have sent them to you, this includes sending specific jobs to just them on Staff Sync or similar. We regard this very seriously, as it is akin to stealing from Quick Help. Our team will let us know if they have accepted jobs this way & we will invoice accordingly. 


    Does your school have an information kit for relievers? Feedback from our relievers shows this is highly valued! This should include basic information about your school and their class for the day. 


    Quick Help Teaching Services ONLY USES currently NZ registered teachers (Full, Provisional, Subject to Confirmation). Our system provides notifications, and we also regularly check all our relievers’ registrations personally to ensure these have not expired. Please ask relievers to show you their Teachers’ Council Practising certificate when they first come to your school. 


    If your school pays staff through the Ministry payroll, you are required to supply them with a School Staffing Appointment form (NOVO1t). You can download the forms 

    from: (Tab – Forms) 

    If you require any additional information please do get in touch. 

    We look forward to working with you and your school community and thanks again for supporting local!