–   Do you accept overseas teachers?

Yes we do provided you have completed all the necessary requirements with the NZ teachers council prior. To teach in NZ you need to hold a NZ teachers registration. We are unable to help with work visas sorry.

–   Can I expect the day to be planned at the school?

Some days may have planning left, and we will pass on any information we receive from the school prior. You are expected to take work suitable for all year levels with you just in case. There is no expectation that there will be work, it is a bonus when there is.

–   What time are I expected at school?

All schools require you to be there by 8.20am unless otherwise instructed. We do supply to some schools that expect you there earlier as their day begins earlier – we will let you know if this is the case. 

–   If the school I am at ask me to work again the next day can I accept on the spot?

Yes absolutely, this happens often & means the schools can keep consistency where possible. If you accept on the spot, you are just to let us know as soon as you can as per your contractual  agreement.

–   What if a school just doesn’t work for me, can I request not to go back?

We understand that not all schools are the right fit for some people, for whatever reason, and we appreciate you telling us as soon as possible so we can make a note of it.


–   Can I have the same person again?

Absolutely! We will do our very best to get you who you want, when you want. Please understand that sometimes this isn’t possible but when we can we will. If they are already in your school on a particular day you are most welcome to ask them while they are there for any other days, we just require you to let us know so we can make note and invoice you correctly.

–   What checks do you do?

Each of our team goes through regular police checks, registration checks, and any other checks that may arise such as vaccination checks, and ensuring they have completed all necessary things required through the ministry such as the physical restraint module.

–   Do we have to sign up for the year?

No, while some schools wish to use our services regularly we understand for some we may just be needed on the very odd occasion, for this we have a special casual fee.

–   We have a position becoming available (roll growth, CRT etc) can you supply someone for that?

Yes we can, if you have a particular member of our team you would like we are happy to approach them for you. Alternatively if you would like us to sound out any of our team we can do that too. We charge a long term fee for this.

–   Does it take a lot of work from my side to use you?

We are super simple! You can call, text, email or use our book a teacher feature on our website.

–   What if a teacher you send doesn’t fit well in our school, can we request not to have them back?

We understand that not all of our team are the right fit for some schools, for whatever reason. We do appreciate you telling us as soon as possible so we can make a note of it.

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